Habibis Grill: Baguio’s Beloved Lebanese Restaurant & Cafe

Finding a good place to eat is not an easy task. First, you determine the  type of food you’d like to have. That alone takes a good thirty minutes. Next, you consider proximity: is it worth the travel? Afterwards you check reviews, prices, menu, and the list goes on. Finding a good place to eat demands talent and a lot of patience.

Today was not that different. We debated whether we wanted to have a buffet lunch. To be honest, I’m not a fan. But who knows, maybe I haven’t found the right buffet place fit for me. I just used “fit” and “buffet” in the same sentence. What a day indeed!

Anyway, being the persistent person that I am, the buffet was a no go. Then we remembered the new restaurants at Travel Light Hotel. Boom! We haven’t gone to Habibis Grill yet, so, why not? I was feeling adventurous!

Upon arriving, we were greeted immediately by the staff, seated, and being the hungry people we were, we checked the menu. We had Beef Kebab, Beef Barbecue, and the falafel hummus combo as appetizer.

We didn’t expect much because numerous times have we been let down by newly opened restaurants. Habibis Grill has been around for a while but this was a new location, so fingers crossed!

Hummus Falafel Combo (1).jpg

We were caught off guard. That first bite of falafel gave us a sense of security. We knew we were in a good place. The falafel was beautifully browned, soft on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. The hummus had the right acidity that balanced the crispy fried falafel and the pita bread was grilled just right.

After  tickling our taste buds, the beef dishes sealed the deal. The kebab was seasoned well and cooked perfectly, soft and juicy. The barbecue was tender and had a zing to it. It went perfectly well with the buttered rice and crunchy vegetable side.

Finding a good place to eat is daunting, but after discovering this Greek-Mediterranean-Middle Eastern-Filipino inspired gem, it was worth it.

I had a good meal, satisfied my craving for flavorful food, and I thought that was it. Unknown to my knowledge, my partner sneaked in dessert in our order. It was called Habibis delight. It was vaguely named so I didn’t know what to expect. So we asked the kind staff to describe the dish. It was a cream cake with corn flakes crust and topping. A generous drizzle of rosewater syrup was the sweetener. Now, the idea of rose flavor on my dessert is not one I take lightly. An excess drop in rosewater could turn any food  into your grandmother’s scarf lathered in perfume. That does not taste good.

But I took the plunge and took a bite of Habibis delight, and then now I knew why it held that name. My palette was jumping in delight! It was delightfully delightful! The rosewater syrup, together with the soft creme, and the chewy corn flakes brought a great harmony of flavors into focus. On a hot day like today, we were transported into a garden in spring, with butterflies fluttering their wings in the air and a ray of sunshine lightly brushing it’s lips against your right cheek. It was elevating. Delightful indeed!

Lastly, the prices won’t hurt your pocket. I will surely come back. The chicken, pork, and lamb dishes shall await my return. How delightful!

Habibi is a term of endearment in the Arabic language which means my beloved. Food is our passion! Habibis is owned by two cousins of Lebanese decent, but born and raised in Baguio City. We wanted to get in touch with our roots and what better way to do it by discovering a culture through its food. We want to bring a taste of Lebanon to Baguio and share our passion for good eats, good drinks, and the good life to the place we call home. Being of mixed decent Habibis also serves Filipino dishes for those craving something more familiar.

-Facebook page: Habibis Grill Lebanese Restaurant & Cafe

-Facebook page: Habibis Grill Menu



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