Binge Beetle: Baguio’s home of bacon i-screaaaaam!

I woke up this morning with a headache that could only be described as otherworldly. If I were to guess, the headache was probably from last night’s dinner cum drinking session with colleagues from work. I wanted to scream the pain away but I would look like a lunatic. I went to work with a thunder over my head and a wish that the sun would shine not ever so brightly.

It was noon when I peeked through the windows and realized, my wish was not granted. The sun shined like there was no tomorrow and luckily for me, a pair of sunglasses helped immensely.

To take the edge off, I needed something indulgent yet refreshing. I craved for something heavily uplifting. I demanded for my palette to be cleansed. Thank heavens! I got what I wanted right then and there: Binge Beetle’s Bacon Ice Cream!

Bacon Ice cream

It was baffling at first. I know right, in a world riddled by confusion, why the heck would I subject myself to more befuddlement? Because it’s yum! I took a spoonful and immediately I could taste the smokiness of the bacon hugging the ice cream. The sweet creaminess takes control of the salty pieces of meat but at the same time I was wanting more: I wanted more of that chewy savory bits of bacon. I don’t even know if that makes sense. But I know it was good, especially during days where you have a cloud hovering above your head, when the weather is especially hot, or when you can’t decide if you want a sweet or a savory dish. I guarantee, it will do wonders to your tongue!

Binge Beetle
Binge Beetle

Visit Binge Beetle at the Calle Uno Food Hub.




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