Luna Streat: The Northern Food Culture is Alive

Don’t let the heat beat you!

It all started with a detour. I was going to fetch someone who happened to be in Tuguegarao. Despite the lack of fondness on my part, I took the plunge and decided to brave the heat of the Cagayan valley. With no plans in mind and a long weekend in my back pocket, my journey began.

Tuguegarao City Church

The old church by the plaza seemed to be popular among tourists, so we started our walk there. Being the foodie that I am, it didn’t take long before I was already looking for the more flavorful fanfare.

It was not a long search. Immediately after leaving the church you could already feel the well established presence of cafe’s and restaurants. Aside from the panciterias that served pansit batil patong and the fast food chains that are unavoidable, there were a lot of other places to choose from. Every corner street had something different to offer.

But among all the things that I tasted, I must say, I have fallen for a small roadside corner along Luna Street. This is where good food meets value for money. It’s a food community, similar to Maginhawa food park, where different shops have converged to share gastronomic goodness to everyone!

Luna Streat Sign

There were more than 10 stalls that composed this diverse food streat. The concept behind each stall was unique and exciting. For instance, if you want a quick bite, there’s Wrap and Roll. If you want breakfast, there’s 2 Silog, “gugulong ka sa sarap.”  If you’re craving for homemade burgers, then look no further because the Burger Cabin is on the grill. Eastern and western flavors meet on this one spot. What more can you ask for? That’s right, churros! Appetizer, entree, dessert… This food park has it all: scrumptious food and good company.

I never thought I would ever step foot on the province of Cagayan, let alone bask in the smoldering heat of Tuguegarao. But I’m glad I did because had I chosen not to, I would have missed a lot! If anyone tells you not to visit Tuguegarao because it’s hot and all, ignore them. Mind you, the heat is real. But it’s all worth it. The next time you get a chance to visit Tuguegarao, don’t forget to visit Luna Streat Food Park and experience the flavors that the north has to offer.

The Burger CabinThe Burger Cabin
Andong’s Buffalo WingsAndong's Buffalo Wings
Pares ExpressPares 2

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