Chocolate Mousse with Blueberry Compote and Sugar Dome

I know, I have been extremely busy. I haven’t been able to cook as much as I would want to. But I try my best. After all, that is what we all hope to do.

So for this post, you won’t find a recipe. Instead, I have a narrative. Because sometimes we make do with what we have and right now, I don’t have what it takes to make a clean and organized recipe. But bear with me. Here is how and why I started making recipes in the first place.

Chocolate Mousse

In the beginning, on the way home, I came across some beautiful blueberries at the organic vegetable shop that was ran by nuns from a nearby church. I immediately fell in love with them. The blueberries I mean. Mind you, I am not a fan of organic produce because they are difficult to come by and they are extremely expensive. Why do the healthy stuff need to be so expensive?

Because the blueberries left my pockets empty, I checked my fridge for whatever I could find so I could whip up something scrumptious. There it was, with a desperate gaze a lone chocolate bar stared at me, begging to be eaten. So I grabbed it along with a box of all purpose cream. I managed to find a packet of gelatin too. I thought, maybe I could make blueberries and cream. But that would leave the chocolate lonely once more. I didn’t want to take that risk. So the other option was to make chocolate mousse instead and top it with blueberry compote.

It was settled then! The only problem was that I have never made mousse in my life. But I was feeling adventurous so what the heck? After thirty minutes, the mousse was chilling in the fridge. I wasn’t contented so I made sugar domes because sugar domes are cool. I like cool stuff. I hadn’t realized then that making sugar domes would be the death of me. Who would have thought that a few tablespoons of sugar would give you such a difficult time. But I was in the middle of doming so there was no turning back!

At the end of the day, I was able to bring this dish together with my pride still in tact, all things considered. I hope we all find the courage in our hearts to just go with the flow and get cooking. But who am I kidding? Google a recipe before attempting to make it. It will save you so much time! That’s why I started making recipes myself. Because no matter how adventurous a person is, you will always need a starting point to launch those sparks of brilliance such that they don’t go to waste. Find a good recipe. Tweak it, make it your own, and don’t forget to share it with the rest of us who just want to make something good to serve at the dining table.

Have a great one folks!



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