Casa Pizzeria: Home of Quality Affordable Pizza

“People disappoint… Pizza is eternal.”

Pizza has the ability to customize itself depending on the person eating it. If you like more cheese, then ask for it and it shall be given. More pepperoni? Why not! On the other hand, we all have a favorite pizza place. That one place where the pizza just tastes so much better than everything else. That is what Casa Pizzeria is. It’s that one pizza place that has a special corner in my heart.

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Nestled in the heart of the Baguio City Post Office is this quaint little corner called Casa Pizzeria. I’ll cut to the chase. I love this place because not only are the pizzas so delicious, they are oh so affordable! When we visited the place, it was nothing more than a food stall. Now, it has a space of it’s own where you can hang out with friends and enjoy delectable food from their wide range of pasta and pizza options.

We tried three different flavors on our first visit. The most memorable was the Hermie’s Anchovies pizza. The description encompasses my exact thoughts.

“The saltiness of the anchovies is well blended with mushroom to have the taste that will stay in your buds and make you crave for more.”

Other combinations such as Casa Worst and Super Supreme were all winners too. If you crave for the flavorful, the satisfying, the “sulit,” then this is the place to be! Here is the menu for your reference. IT IS WORTH THE TRIP!

Makoy 004 Makoy 005


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